Coca Cola Beverages Slovakia s.r.o. Lúka n.V.

Coca Cola Company for its global brand name it is not necessary particularly as our customer to present.  Our activities in the factory started at plant Luka subcontracted ground shaping and base layers for former contractor performing the hard surfaces in adapting and extending the original  of drinking water filling plant „Lucka“ brand, who bought Coca Cola. After this experience qualify us to tender for the construction of a new office building in which we were successful and two storey building with prefabricated structure and brick outer wall based on piles have already implemented the general contractor "turnkey" . The next phase of development works was the construction of a terminal to pile foundations with prefabricated structure , lightweight concrete cladding and roofing systems from a folded trapezoidal sheet metal, thermal insulation and plastic film with skylights and necessary infrastructure. In the tender, we were successful again. In subsequent years , we provide construction and installation modifications for innovative technologies , new water source including technologies, upgrading sewage treatment plant and hard surfaces . Last works with investment phase we constructed hall annex expeditionary zones with loading ramps . Continue to perform an ongoing construction and installation maintenance and repair work of  existing parts of plant.

The total built-up area: 8 800 m2

External hard surfaces: 12 900 m2

Year of completing: 1998

Budget: 6 780 000 €




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