Establishment and focus

Company STABILIT Ltd.  was established in 1991.

Since its inception , we specialize in the construction of civil engineering works. A substantial part of our production consists of complex production facilities including the required infrastructure, and further multifunctional and residential buildings.


The largest expansion of our company came with the arrival of foreign investors for whom we have implemented a majority  of our production. Of course we can not forget the significant investors from a domestic private business environment.


Our goal in every business case is an individual approach to the customer, which was proved to us in the loyalty of our customers in other projects and there is none of our major customers, for whom we have made only one project.


We have gradually expanded our activities, from supply works as a general contractor, up to the current status whereby we can provide a comprehensive set of services related to a construction – from a  project work, with legislative obligations related to an actual building up to  the construction itself and the final inspection of facilities.


STABILIT, spol. s r.o.
Podjavorinskej 9, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovak Republic
+421 32 770 8911
FAX +421 32 770 8933