Plantex Veselé

Company owning orchards , producer and grower and producer of fruit seedlings. Its operation required the construction of new warehouses with controlled atmosphere chambers and the expansion and modernization of facilities for treatment, storage, and sale of ditribúciu. The first phase was implemented with external storage hall and open shelters based on concrete base with steel supporting structure cladding and roofing sandwich panels and the necessary technical infrastructrure , technology of controled atmosphere storage boxes known as ULO and build of paved areas. Phase followed by repair and reconstruction of existing plants, paved areas, building parking, retail shop, social facilities and open sales and display area for seedlings. The orchards were made hard surfaces, small objects and landscaping.

The total built-up area : 4 100 m2

External hard surfaces : 6 000 m2

Year of completing: 2013

Budget: 3 923 000 €


STABILIT, spol. s r.o.
Podjavorinskej 9, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovak Republic
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